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Sølvkroken Fishing Bag Small
Sølvkroken Fishing Bag Small, small, robust fishing bag, one main compartment, two side pockets and three front pockets, durable Cordura and nylon, 33x39x11cm
€19.69 *
Sølvkroken Fishing Bag Large
Sølvkroken fishing bag Small, classic model, mesh pocket on the outer lid, one inner pocket in the lid with zip, one large main compartment and two smaller ones, durable Cordura and nylon, 33x39x11cm
€21.49 *
Sølvkroken Fishing Bag Small
Sølvkroken fishing bag with inner bag for storing fish, this is made of plastic and fastened with velcro, easy to remove for cleaning, one main compartment and several smaller compartments, Cordura and nylon, 32x37x11cm
€26.69 *
Sølvkroken Belly Bag - Fishing Belt
Sølvkroken belly bag, your favourite gear and accessories within reach, fishing belt with three smaller pockets, easy to adjust and fits many belly sizes, Cordura and nylon
€13.99 *
Sølvkroken Rig Bag Single
Sølvkroken Rig Bag Single, practical tackle folder with several plastic pockets for storing hooksets and various equipment, measures approx. 26x27cm
€14.95 *
Sølvkroken Rig Bag Double
Sølvkroken leader bag Double, practical leader bag with several plastic pockets for storing hook sets and various equipment, dimensions approx. 19x22cm
€20.95 *
Sølvkroken Pilk Bag
Sølvkroken pilk bag, very durable material, 18 tubes, drain extinguisher, 2 front pockets, 1 side pocket, attachment for pliers
€39.95 *
Sølvkroken Tacklemappe - Rig Bag large
Sølvkroken Tacklemappe - Rig Bag large, very stable, has 10 large plastic pockets (approx. 28 x 18 cm) for storage, made of very hard-wearing Cordura and nylon, approx. 29x31cm
€17.49 *