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WFT Multicooler 18l black with 2 rod holders
WFT Multicooler 18l black with 2 rod holders, incl. hanger and feed-through for oxygen pump, cooling, carrying and seat box, up to 100kg, 42x28x33cm
€88.95 *
WFT Multicooler green
WFT Multicooler green, practical cooling, carrying and seating box, double-walled construction, all-round carrying strap, load capacity up to 100 KG, 3 boxes from 12l - 28l
From €69.95 *
MIKADO carrying strap system for seat box
MIKADO carrying strap system for seat boxes, supplement to standard seat boxes, equipped with seat pad and several side pockets, for additional accessories, supplied without box
€18.95 *
All round seat basket
MIKADO seat box, fishing box and tackle box with four accessory boxes, which are attached to the lid, including carrying strap, colour green-black
€24.95 *
MIKADO accessory box, double-sided 10.7x7.4x3cm
MIKADO accessory box double-sided 10.7x7.4x3cm, sturdy, double-sided, for small accessories, has 10 compartments of different sizes
€3.95 *
MIKADO double-sided accessory box 13.2x9.7x4.4m
MIKADO double-sided accessory box 13.2x9.7x4.4m, stable, double-sided, for small accessories, has 8 small compartments of different sizes and 1 large compartment with customisable partitioning
€5.95 *
MIKADO 2-compartment jaws box 47x34x19cm
MIKADO 2-compartment case box 47x34x19cm, two compartments, modular dividers, hard-wearing plastic, incl. 5 accessory boxes, hinged fasteners, practical handle
€59.95 *
MIKADO brown accessory box 100% waterproof
MIKADO brown accessory box 100% waterproof, brown tackle box with seal, some of the compartments are lined with cut foam and the others are adjustable
From €7.95 *
MIKADO accessories box with dividers
MIKADO accessory box with dividers, available in two sizes and the colours red or blue, individually divisible compartments, sizes M - 20.5x15.5x3.5cm, L 25.5x19.5x3.5cm
From €4.95 *
SPRO Mobile Parts Stocker
SPRO Mobile Parts Stocker - accessory box for all small accessories such as swivels, carabiners, snap rings and collets, high-quality small parts box, size 11,2x7,5x3,2cm
€11.49 *
SPRO Stinger Stocker
SPRO Stinger Stocker - Stinger Box, two different stinger boxes in different sizes, size L, is slightly narrower than the XL and designed for shorter stingers for "micro game" or "urban style" fishing
From €13.99 *
SPRO Mobile Stocker
SPRO Mobile Stocker - accessory box, lined on both sides with EVA foam, with neck strap, two different sizes, ideal for micro lures, jig heads, stingers
From €13.59 *
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