Belt / leg and belly bags

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1436374 GREYS Chest Bag
Content 1 Stück
€69.95 *
1530303 Berkley URBN Hip Pack
Content 1 Stück
€21.95 * €28.56 *
1530304 Berkley URBN Sling Body Bag
Content 1 Stück
€33.95 * €46.41 *
Berkley URBN Hip Bag Berkley URBN Hip Bag
Content 1 Stück
€33.49 * €59.50 *
Berkley URBN Utility Waist Bag Berkley URBN Utility Waist Bag
Content 1 Stück
€16.49 * €28.56 *
Abu Garcia Hip Bag Abu Garcia Hip Bag
Content 1 Stück
€19.79 * €34.51 *
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JENZI Camou Hip Bag
JENZI Camou Hip Bag - Fanny pack, 5 zipped compartments, main compartment with two large plastic boxes, drink pocket, holder for mounted rod and pliers, several clips and carabiners, water-repellent, 100 % polyester, 33x20x21cm
€53.95 *
Behr Spinning & Fly Fishing Belly Bag
Behr spinning and fly fishing belly pack, pliers holder, waterproof mobile phone pocket, flexible rod holder, incl. bait box, hanging loops, water-repellent, heavily padded pelvic and back protection, 27x20x8cm
€47.95 *
Westin W3 Quick Bag (2 boxes) Small Grey/Black
Westin W3 Quick Bag (2 boxes) Small Grey/Black, 30x21x12 cm, 100% polyester with coating, incl. 2 bait boxes, waterproof, velcro for tool strap, 2 medium D-rings
€39.95 *
Westin W3 Waist Pack incl. 4 boxes
Westin W3 Waist Pack - Waist bag with 4 boxes, 36x23x21cm, 100% Polyester 660D/210D Diamond Pattern with coating, waterproof, fast magnetic opening system in main compartment, large padded front pocket
€98.95 *
SPRO FreeStyle Hip Bag
SPRO FreeStyle Hip Bag - waist bag, 100% polyester, incl. 2 tackle boxes 20x14x24cm, 2 D-rings, bottle holder, reinforced straps for landing net, 2 large and 2 flat pockets with zip, 33x28x12cm
€70.99 *
SPRO FreeStyle Shoulderbag V2
SPRO FreeStyle Shoulderbag V2 - favourite among spin fishermen, D-rings are strategically placed, cover has improved shape, waterproof material outside, 25x11x27cm
€49.95 *
Penn Waist Bag
Penn Waist Bag, spacious enough to carry lures, pliers and all terminal tackle, 600D polyester with PVC coating, strong and saltwater-safe zips, dimensions: 28cm x 18cm x 10cm
€23.95 *
MIKADO Chest Pack
MIKADO Chest Pack - Brusttasche, praktischer Brustrucksack, in modernem Look, ideal zum Waten oder Uferangeln, Größe 35x12,5cm (LxB)
€27.95 *
MIKADO Hip Pack - fishing belt for active anglers, main compartment with plenty of space for boxes, accessories etc., stable front for pole glasses, modern look, 28x22x12cm (LxWxH)
€37.95 *
MIKADO Bauchtasche - schwarz
MIKADO belly pack - black, functional bag made of durable and breathable material, 30cm x 14cm x 12cm (LxWxH)
€6.49 *
IRON CLAW Hip Man - Bauchgurtsystem
IRON CLAW Hip Man - waist belt system is available in two versions, optimally designed for the mobile angler, Perfectly suited for light spinning luggage or also for the fly fisherman, Material: 300D/600D Polyester
From €32.95 *
IRON CLAW Softlure Bag NX - Serie
IRON CLAW Softlure Bag NX - Series in two different sizes, for sorting and organising loose rubber lures. With three or in two different sized, closable transparent pockets, inside for mounted lures, carabiner hook and belt loop
From €17.49 *
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