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ANACONDA Tank - waterproof transport bag, reinforced PVC (waterproof), sturdy carrying handle / shoulder strap, Velcro fastening, 30 litre (M) or 50 litre (L) capacity
From €37.95 *
ANACONDA Credenza Carrier
ANACONDA Credenza Carrier - Transport bag specially designed to transport the Credenza Mat and up to 4 wet Weigh Slings at the same time in the car without odour
€41.95 *
ANACONDA Freelancer Climber Pack CP-45
ANACONDA Freelancer Climber Pack CP-45 - großer Rucksack, Regenüberzug, 4 Seitentaschen, wasserabweisend, 100% Nylon, Hardcover-Boden, Bauch- und Brustgurt, 79x49x40cm
€99.95 *
ANACONDA Carp Chair Bag
ANACONDA Carp Chair Bag - Carp chair bag for comfortable and safe transport, heavily padded, carrying handles and extra thick shoulder strap, lower areas with dirt-repellent and washable PVC 100% polyester with water-repellent PVC coating
€33.95 *
ANACONDA Tab Lock Case
ANACONDA Tab Lock Case - bag with many useful features, 2 outside pockets, hardcover lid for mounting with built-in tablet holder, large main compartment with velcro divider (6-compartment),, 100% polyester, water-repellent PVC coating, padded carrying strap, outside attached glasses case
€55.95 *
ANACONDA Tableware Bag
ANACONDA Tableware Bag - Picnic bag with 2 plates, 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 coffee spoons, 2 stainless steel coffee mugs, one container for sugar and milk, one towel, 33x27x12cm, 100% Nylon
€46.95 *
Anaconda Slide in Tray
Anaconda Slide in Tray - tackle bag incl. 7 boxes, approx. 60x37x24cm, main compartment: approx. 42x27x26cm, 100% nylon, water-repellent PVC coating, incl. 3 x Tackle Chest Large, 1 x Rig Carrier, 1 x each ST-Chest 1, 2 + 3
€109.95 *
Anaconda Lead Pocket
Anaconda Lead Pocket - divided into 4 variably adjustable compartments, inside small mesh pocket for storing small items, removable divider, 22x15x9cm, 100% polyester, water-repellent PVC coating, delivery without contents
€13.95 *
Anaconda Stiff Rig Wallet II
Anaconda Stiff Rig Wallet II, with short and extra long rig board, 8 clear pockets, equipped with enough pins, 8 elastic bands to hang in, 35x14x5,5cm, 100% polyester, water-repellent PVC coating, delivery without content
€20.95 *
Anaconda Chair Tackle Bag I
Anaconda Chair Tackle Bag I - for attachment to almost any chair or lounger, 100% polyester, water-repellent PVC coating, large compartment with zip, drink holder, patch pocket with zip, 3 slip pockets, approx. 41x26cm
€12.95 *
Anaconda Lead Container
Anaconda Lead Container - practical case-carrier with two compartments for leads and other necessary accessories, 22x18x10cm, 100% nylon, water-repellent, rubberised Anaconda zipper, 2 separate compartments, carrying handle
€12.95 *
Anaconda Carp Gear Bag I
Anaconda Carp Gear Bag I - Fishing bag for the most important utensils, interior with heavily padded dividers, Velcro system, 3 attached, spacious outer pockets, water-repellent, extremely durable material, extra strong padding, 42x32x28cm, 100% polyester
€41.95 *
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